The best 4 website builders for your small business in 2019 (in-depth video included)

Victoria Islas, Founder & Digital Marketing

10 February 2018

At Creative Two we believe in helping out all our clients but we also believe in helping our Yuma community’s small businesses that don’t have a big budget and need help deciding what route to take when it comes to building their own website. And before we get started we want to let you and everyone else know that there is NOTHING wrong with building your very first website.

Keep in mind that It won’t be easy if you’ve never built a website before and it’s going to take some time to do so but it is so very possible to have a good turnout. We truly believe you can do it! Today we are going to discuss the best website builders you can use to build your small business website, take our word for it! Some are cheaper in cost, others have more feature, some are easier to use etc.  I would like to note that I will not be showing you “how to use the website builders” today but I do plan to in the future.

Within this article and video I try to put myself in your shoes. It’s meant to get you started down a good path but note that at some point you might need a professional website and that is where we come in! If you ever feel like you are pulling your hair out and grinding your teeth from building your own website and maintaining it. We can build you a better one. Now let us move on to the best 4 website builders for your small business this year of 2019.

1) WIX

I know you’ve seen the WIX ads through YouTube and Facebook. They spend a lot of money to get in front of you and it’s almost creepy that they stalk you online but the truth is that they do have a pretty solid website builder that you can use to build your first small business website. Now let me go into the pros on WIX and then the cons.



The App Marketplace is full of awesome extra features

Did you want a special feature on your website? Well you’ve got it! One of the powerful features of WIX website builder is it’s App Marketplace where you can integrate extra features on your website that you might be looking for such as live chat, store,  events, analytics, Facebook messenger etc.


You’ll have creative freedom

If this is your first time building a website this might not be something you are interested in now but you might be in the future so I am adding this in the list of pros for now. WIX allows you a lot of creative freedom if you ever wanted to take it up a notch with customization.



As your building your new website you will find that you will need support and WIX seems to have a good support team to help you but be aware that they do have “premium support” for extra bucks without it you get the slower support team. Which I do put in the CONS below.




You’re going to have to put some time to learn the builder

It seems to me that WIX is one of the website builders that is a little trickier to use. You will have to read support articles and videos to learn how to use the website builder to its full potential and I am sure you’re going to end up contacting support a few times to get your website nice and tidy. But if you have the dedicated time to do so, you are solid. My suggestion is that you play around with it and then read any material to help  you get around the places you might get stuck on to beat time.


The Apps in the App Marketplace will cost you extra

The App Marketplace is awesome but it comes with its con.  Apps can cost extra on a per month basis depending on the app (or service provider) and this can add up every year for as long as your using WIX as your website provider. Also consider that you most likely have to take extra steps in order for these apps to work on your website.


You gotta pay for faster priority support

Like stated above, you have to upgrade your plan if you want a more prioritized support team as you building your new website. Keep that in mind!




Squarespace is another great option for those just starting up a business. They have beautiful templates that you can choose from on the more “minimal and clean” side of design. A great choice for artists, musicians, yoga studios, fitness gyms, massage, and so on. Although any type of business can use it! It’s affordable and easier to use than WIX which we can go into below.



It’s easy to use

In my opinion, Squarespace is much easier to use than WIX from a user experience and usability perspective. Unlike WIX, I think you will have a much easier time building a website with this website builder in general (as shown in the video). It doesn’t have a layout like WIX where it almost feels like a photo editor and it’s much easier to find tools and so forth within the builder. The learning phase is cut short with Squarespace.


SSL included

Something I found pretty cool with Squarespace is that they include SSL with each plan. That is something that I don’t see featured for any of the other website builders and if they do have it, they charge extra for it. SSL is great to create trustworthiness online because it lets people know that your site is secured and encrypted. If you are taking online payments or are setting up a store on your website this is not an option. You must have SSL installed. With so many people getting information stolen online, people are becoming educated about website security and may be looking for a website with the little green lock and address bar (an indicator that your website is secure). Although, it’s not necessary for sites that are not taking payment through their websites it’s still great to install if it’s included with Squarespace. No hurt, just gain.




No Extra Features (Apps, widgets, plug-ins etc)

Unlike WIX and WordPress (as you will come to see) Squarespace doesn’t seem to have extra apps/widgets/plug ins to make customize your website with the right features you are looking for. Squarespace is great if you’d like to build a good looking basic website with basic features but that’s about as far as it will go.


Some knowledge of CSS

You can customize your website just as you can with all the other website builders but if you’d like to get even more creative you will need to add custom css. This might require you to hire a website designer/developer or you will have to learn the language (more time learning).



3) WORDPRESS.COM (not is another great website builder for beginners and new small businesses. This is one of my personal favorites and one that I would recommend if you plan on hiring someone in the future which I will go into below along with other things I find good and bad about using this website builder. Please note that I am not talking about which is’s parent company. requires a lot more technical knowhow or a professional to set it up for you in order to get started. It’s not easy. WordPress.Com is the one you’d want to use and the one I discuss here and through the accompanying YouTube video.




It will grow with you is great to start off with but down the line when you start to grow and you need to take your website to another level you will see that this website builder is your best bet. If you start by using, later you can hire someone to build you a website. We (as in website designers) can literally export and import all your content from to if you needed that.  With WordPress anything is possible! It’s the most trusted platform on the web, it’s open source (it’s not going anywhere) and finally to prove it I am going to throw a static at you, 32% of the web is uing for professional website design and development.  Big companies and businesses are using this platform such as Vogue, Sony Music, Bloomberg professional,ETC.


Happiness Engineers is pretty easy to use but if you ever get stuck they provide you “happiness engineers” to help you 24/7 and this is without having to purchase premium plans and so forth. Customer service is important and I know that this is what you will find with


The Plug ins

Like WIX with its apps, has plug ins. This is the second platform that rocks on that part! You want to have extra features at a click, you can do that with WordPress. Some plug ins examples is Yoast SEO, JetPack and so on.




You have to upgrade for Plug ins

Just like WIX you will have to upgrade your plan to  install the plug ins you’d like and some plug ins (depending on what you want to do with each)  will require extra fees.


The template demos are nice but…….

The templates look great as your sorting through all the endless choices BUT one thing I don’t like about is that as soon as you select one, it’s almost bare bone and blank with no visual guidance. Which can almost be a bit confusing for anyone just getting started.



GoDaddy is one of Americas favorite but not my favorite personally BUT I will add it in this list because I know we all must start somewhere and if Godaddy’s web builder resonates with you, then so shall it be and I must give you my opinion. It’s not bad but it’s not great either.




Everything will most likely be included

Need premium hosting, a domain and a web builder? Well GoDaddy will be the place to go to! It has everything in one place which will make it easier for you if you ever need to expand or have new business ideas and would like the ability to keep everything tidy under one dashboard.


Customer Service

GoDaddy’s customer service is great and fast. You can call them, email them, or even chat with them live when they are available. Again, a necessary element if you’ve never built a website and you feel stuck.




Not a very sophisticated web builder

Although their web builder is easy to use, it’s not the most sophisticated one and is limited in what you can do within it. But it works!


Need extra features? You gotta pay for it!

Nothing new, almost all website builders mentioned within this article will have extra fees, for extra features. Godaddy is the same. And it’s like that even for me as a website designer and developer. You can’t expect to have a great website without paying for it. If you don’t want to pay for it, stay basic in your website vision. It’s just not possible to have it all if you don’t have the budget at this moment.


Marketing tools are nothing new

They claim that they have a whole batch of marketing tools which they do! BUT it’s nothing new. You can do all of it on your own, it’s not like it’s a premium thing that only Godaddy can do for you.


Godaddy sells a lot

One of my least favorite things is interrupted sales. I don’t like being sold to all the time and Godaddy will try to upgrade you or upsell you on almost everything! Don’t be fooled, depending on your business goals you might not need some things that Godaddy claims you need. Getting a quick consultation from a local website designer would be great so that you don’t go in blind in the process of building your own website. We can help you if you ever need consultation for your marketing or website.




WIX, Squarespace, and Godaddy all have something unique to offer. One is not better than the other but they do have their pros and cons which I mentioned above. I will let you decide wichi one works for you! But overall I feel like any of the website builders will work if you take the time to learn and you take the time to build some passion for the website design process. Without your full intention, the website will fail. It won’t be easy (as easy at the website builders are) if you don’t have any previous experience with building websites but I do believe anyone can build a website with the help of a good website builder and some good customer support. I wish you the best on your journey and don’t forget to contact us for a professional website or to get consultation for your DIY website. We can help at any stage of your small business journey whether that is a website or marketing.

Now that you’ve read the article and watched the video, what website builder resonated with you? And why? Comment below!

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