SEO Penalty: Mobile Pop-Ups Suck and Google is doing something about it for 2017

Feb 21, 2017 | Inbound Marketing

Google has a new penalty in the block. You ready for SEO in 2017? Well if your pop-ups are intrusive to visitors when they visit your mobile website, prepare to get penalized baby. This was discussed last year in 2016 but became active on January 10, 2017 and it’s something to really take seriously if you have a mobile website. Remember that Google cares a lot about how you treat there google search engine visitors so don’t f*ck that up!

Bet you are wondering how you can avoid such a penalty so here we go….

Here is the breakdown:

Mobile pop-ups can’t cover the content or the entire mobile screen of visitors. They also cannot be intrusive to the point where they have to dismiss the mobile pop-up in order to get to the main content they were seeking.

See it absolutely makes sense to implement such a penalty because no one likes pop-ups blocking the content they are looking for right? The screen is so darn small and ruins the mobile experience. Pop-ups just suck and no one likes them on mobile okay? Did you know that 50% to 60% of your visitors are coming from a mobile phone? Yuppers, this is why it’s important so just make your content “easily accessible”.

What does google mean by a penalty? Well, your simply gonna rank lower within Google’s search engine or not be considered “mobile friendly” if you test your website for it. It is a negative impact towards your websites overall search engine visibility when an update as this one appears.

Are there any pop ups that are not affected by this update? Yes! Desktop pop-ups are still cool with google, any legal pop-ups are still considered okay like age confirmation, cookie notifications and smaller pop-ups that do not take so much space on mobile screens.

Anyways we hope you found this article useful and easy to understand.  I know that there are other articles out there on this exact subject but we wanted to provide one in plain English for you. Remember, just treat your visitors with charm and get rid of those pop-ups on your mobile site whether it’s an advertisement pop-up, discount pop-up or newsletter sign up pop-up. Doesn’t matter what you got going. If you need any help with removing your pop-ups or finding a Google Friendly alternative you can always hire our team to do that for you if you take you SEO ranking seriously. We will be writing about mobile pop-ups alternatives in our next article! Look out for it.

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