The Good and Bad of Building Your Own Website

1/14/2018 | By Victoria Islas @ Creative Two

The common website story of the new business in town


You just started your dream business and you feel super pumped. You’re getting your business plan together and marketing plan too. And as your building your marketing plan you come across the idea of starting your website. The problem is you aren’t a pro but you still think you can handle building your own website. So what do you do? You turn to Google of course! Then you search for “website design builder” because at this point you don’t have the budget to pay a freelance website designer/ developer by the hour and you definitely don’t have the budget for an agency. The first website builders that pop up are Squarespace, WIX and even GoDaddy. Decisions, decisions.


The good of building your own website


I hope you could relate to the story. I definitely don’t like making assumptions so I used the many stories of our own clients and what they went through. But if you are on the same page keep reading, If you didn’t relate keep reading because, in the end, you are here because you are debating whether or not you should build your own website and that still relates to you.


So why should you build your own website? Well, there are many awesome reasons to take this route.

  • It helps keep cost down when you first starting your business. Who wouldn’t want to save a few extra dollars?
  • Most of the website builders are easy-to-use, have tons of templates to get you started and have great customer service (but beware, not all are equal).
  • It helps you get an inside look at how websites are built and its requirements to go live. Is it a win-win right? You are learning as you build.
  • You get educated on website terminology that can come in handy later (when you’re ready to upgrade your website and hire a professional). Learning how to speak geek is always good!
  • You learn about graphic and website design as you go as well. No matter what, you’re going to have to take graphics and manipulate them to fit your website template.
  • You’ll also learn about website copy writing and how important it is (hopefully).
  • You have 100% control of your own website and you can build it exactly how you imagined in your head.
  • You can get your website done on your own time schedule.


The Good – In Summary

In summary, building your own website is cost-effective for startup businesses, it’s easy and you’ll have tons of website template options to choose from, the experience will be very educational overall and you’ll have total control in several aspects of the website project.


The Bad of Building Your Own Website


Unless you’re a renaissance man (or woman) sometimes we need to sacrifice some of our control to let someone help us. This isn’t a bad thing at all! Tim Ferris, the author of the 4-Hour Week, is a great example of this lifestyle – outsourcing, or getting others to do what you just don’t have the time to do or isn’t really your forte can be a really great thing for your business, especially at the beginning stages. Getting into this mindset can actually help grow your business. Trust me on this one too, releasing a little of the stress will also help you on a personal level.


So why should you allow a website designer or website agency to build your website? And what is the bad part of trying to build your own website? Well let’s get to that now:

  • You most likely will lack meeting your website vision and goals. Getting a website done by a professional might not be cost-effective at first but if you team up with the right person or team it will be the best investment you will make in the long run. Saving a few extra dollars to invest can actually bring ROI after your professional website launches because a professional will know what strategies to use, what copy writing will sell and which design will work to meet your business vision and goals. Your vision might be great but a professional can make it even better!
  • Building your own website can take hours and hours because you are going to have to learn about website strategy, website design, website development (in some cases), graphic design website copy writing and so much more. It will leave you launching your website late, or even worse, never.
  • Website control is a thing of the past. Website designers and agencies can now give you the same control over your website as a website builder with CMS systems (Content Management Systems).
  • Remember how I said you’d spend hours having to learn about website design and all that other stuff? Well, you’d also have to spend time updating your website every month and upgrading your website every year to keep up with the internet and trends. Websites need to be updated and upgraded constantly so this too, will take a lot of your time. An agency can take care of this for you and reduce the amount of time you would have spent with a website builder. Ask them about their maintenance plans; they most likely will have one included with the service.
  • Not enough Features! Last but not least, depending on what company you use, drag and drop website builders might sound great at first but when you call in to ask about a feature you might find out that they don’t have it or they charge extra fees for the feature you are looking for. And that’s not it! Sometimes you might even find yourself having to implement it yourself and well if you don’t know how you might even end up spending money hiring a professional to do it anyways. Why not start your website with the features, to begin with?
  • You’ll end up looking like everyone else if you don’t customize the website template you choose within the website builder. Part of building a business includes spending the time to brand yourself and if you end up using the same template as everyone else, you won’t be unique and you won’t stand out from your competitors. It’s like going to a business party and you and your competitor are using the same exact t-shirt or tie. Yikes.


The Bad – In Summary

In summary, building your own website will take a lot of the time you should be spending to run your business, building your own website might not be the wisest choice if you are looking for ROI, you’re going to have to update your website on a monthly basis on your own and even upgrading it every year to keep up with the internet changes and trends, the drag and drop website builders that are easy to use won’t have all the features you are envisioning for your website which will leave you feeling off and finally using website templates won’t allow you to completely brand your business if you don’t customize them and you’re going to end up looking the same.


Do you want to add to our good and bad list? Comment below! We would love to hear from you.