4 online tools your business should be using for 2018

Victoria Islas, Founder & Digital Marketing
10 February 2018
Your business should be running smoothly unfortunately like a lot of us, including our creative agency, life and business can get a little hectic. Today I am going to share with you 4 tools that your business can start using this year of 2018 and did I mention they are free? Now let’s get your business high throttled!
1) Get tasks and to-do lists in check with Trello

Don’t get overwhelmed by your tasks instead use Trello! And it isn’t just for tasks but also a great collaboration tool for your entire team. It’s fun and helps you prioritize projects. You can use it on every device and even take it with you on your mobile phone. We mentioned Asana before, but if the Asana platform is a little too boring or complicated for you we recommend Trello with its simple boards and information about tasks “in a glance” as they describe it on their own website. They do have a free version but also have great plans with extra business features you could use.



2) It’s time to take your social media seriously with Buffer

Buffer isn’t a new player in the game; actually, Buffer has been around for quite some time. Overall, taking your social media seriously can change the game for you! Making sacrifices to improve your social media engagement and brand presence is important for any business but even more important for locals. Think about it, if you are the most engaging and professional looking in your industry don’t you think that would help reach your business goals? No doubt, that is 10-4.

Buffer allows you to manage your social media and to cut down and save time for yourself. How? Well, you can schedule your posts, get a birds-eye view of what’s working and what is not with tracking analytics and best of all you can manage all your social media platforms in one place. No more logging into several accounts.


Overall, taking your social media seriously can change the game for you!
3) Reduce the madness of Payroll, Benefits, and HR with Gusto

If you are a growing business with a few or maybe many employees you’re going to need a tool that keeps the madness in control of payroll, benefits, and HR. Lucky for you GUSTO is around to save the day. Gusto is one of the easiest payroll platforms around, provides fewer payroll errors, and allows you to have more vacation time (or maybe I am exaggerating ). We also think that as a small local business sometimes we think it’s difficult to give employees good benefits but with Gusto as your partner tool, you won’t ever think that again. They have awesome full-licensed brokers to help you choose the perfect benefits. And of course, it’s HR feature will create a great workplace for you as well.


4) Sales got amazing with Hubspot CRM

We love Hubspot! That’s why we saved the best for last. Hubspot’s free CRM Platform is a must to integrate into your 2018 toolbox. This CRM keeps your sales in order and did we mention for 100% free? There are so many great features that allow you to track, manage and organize your sales in one place. So many successful companies are already using it, what is stopping you?



Are there any tools you’ve been using or will start to use this year? Tell us about it below! We would love to know what you are using for your local Yuma business.

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