What is Inbound Marketing and can it really help your local business?
Victoria Islas, Founder & Digital Marketing
5 February 2018

Don Draper is dead

When you think about marketing or advertising I know you can probably imagine a group of creatives sitting around a long desk discussing evil schemes on how to sell your product or service to people. Well, that used to make sense, back in the Don Draper (Mad Men from AMC) times. Although we still do sit around, now a days we don’t do marketing or advertisement that way, actually that type of traditional marketing is pretty old school and it doesn’t work as well as before. 


A simple explanation of Inbound Marketing and why it works better than traditional marketing

So you are here because you want to know what Inbound Marketing is, why it’s better and I am going to make it simple for you to understand. Really it’s a modern approach to marketing, specifically online that helps increase traffic, leads and ultimately converts leads into loyal customers by providing marketing that is not disruptive but rather marketing that people will truly love. But just because it’s simple to understand doesn’t mean it’s easy to do and it will take a lot of your brain, consistency and dedication to make it all work for your local business. Are you ready for Inbound Marketing?


Can Inbound Marketing really help your business or is it fluff?

Inbound Marketing is as real as the eyes you are using to read this article and I truly believe it can change the game for your local business. The only way to truly use Inbound Marketing is by FIRST understanding the methodology which is Attract, Convert, Close and Delight. By implementing this marketing methodology you are on your way to getting customers or clients to come to you rather than the other way around!

The only way to truly use Inbound Marketing is by FIRST understanding the methodology which is Attract, Convert, Close and Delight.

Before getting started realize and keep in mind that Inbound Marketing is all about creating relevant content that people find useful.


Here is a great statistic by Hubspot:

Inbound Creates More Leads – 54% more leads are generated by inbound than outbound marketing.


The attract phase is where we turn strangers into visitors through blogging, SEO, relevant content and by utilizing social media. All these tools will allow you to attract the right people to your website.

The convert phase is where visitors turn into leads. You do this by creating more amazingly relevant assets, call-to-actions, landing pages with forms.

The close phase is where you turn that lead into a loyal customer and you do that by sending them inbound style emails. This is also where you get into your CRM and provide your sales team (or yourself) the details (not assumptions) to reach out to your potential lead.

The delight phase is where your loyal customer continue to have an awesome relationship with your business and you do that by keeping them engaged, staying relevant even after the purchase. Just delight the heck out of them!


Here is a 5-Minute Overview of “What is Inbound Marketing” created by Hubspot that i know you will find useful as well:

So now that you know a little more about Inbound Marketing and its Methodology – we want to continue this series of blog posts! In the next blog post we will be talking about the “buyers journey and its three stages”. Stay tuned.


So tell me, will you be implementing Inbound Marketing?  Can you see it working for your local business? Leave a comment below!


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