Using Paid Advertising within your Inbound Marketing Strategy

Apr 26, 2017 | Inbound Marketing, Non-Profit, Small Business

Can online advertising be considered Inbound? Yes! Online advertising can fit right in with your Inbound Marketing Strategy but you must be careful to use it wisely in order for it to be “inbound” and not “outbound”.


Outbound VS. Inbound


A great way to know whether your online internet advertisement is “inbound” or “outbound” is written below:

Outbound uses outdated tactics to acquire leads through online advertisement such as generic keywords, high impressions, high click through rates and high costs. This in turn will give you low conversions and you will end up spending more over time because the leads are not targeted enough returning less of your initial investment.

The inbound approach on the other hand uses targeted keywords, low impressions, high click through rates and low costs. With this approach, yes you would be getting less people BUT you would be getting better targeted and qualified leads with the most ROI. And if you know how to work your advertisement well, your ads can cost you less over time as you grow the data you acquire from online ads, ppc.

Now let us move on!


So in what ways can online advertising (PPC) help your inbound marketing?


Online advertising can initially lead people to your landing page where you are a/b testing. Once you retrieve your data you can disable those ads and have an awesome landing page that converts thanks to the data from your start off ad.

There are buyers out there looking for you but they run off with competitors because you aren’t running ads like your competitors. BUT what if you did place an ad in front of them at the right buying time and you did it the inbound marketing way? Chances are, you might end up being their pick.

There you have it! See, online advertisement isn’t bad or evil. You can use it to your advantage the inbound way and acquire qualified leads that turn into profit.I will be posting more on this topic soon because i know i only touched on this subject very lightly. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to get the next article right into your inbox!

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