The 7 Logo Types – Which one should your business use?

The 7 Logo Types – Which one should your business use?

We know you want a new logo for your business but did you know there are 7 types of logos? We bet you have heard of a few types but maybe, just maybe, you didn’t know about all of them. So let’s go through them and see which one is best for your business.

The 7 Types

  1. Lettermark
  2. Wordmark
  3. Pictorial Mark
  4. Abstract Mark
  5. Combination Mark
  6. Mascot
  7. Emblem


Lettermark logos are really just monograms which means it’s a logo made out of initials and that is it! This is perfect for businesses with really long names that want to keep it short and memorable instead. It’s a great hack and it’s proven to work. This type of logo is all about simplicity. A great example of this logo type is IBM and ASU.



The wordmark is font-based and keeps the focus on your business name. This is a great choice for new businesses that have a 1-2 worded name and want to get their name out to the community.   A great example of this type of logo is Google or Coca-Cola.


Pictorial Mark

Pictorial is really just a symbol or icon logo and it’s entirely graphical. Think of companies such as Twitter or Target for this one. This one is tricky for a new business or for those that have no brand recognition so we suggest to stir away from this one BUT if you absolutely are sure about choosing this type of logo make sure that you choose a symbol/image that completely represents your business or organization because this type of logo is going to be with you for as long as your business is alive.


Abstract Mark

An abstract mark is literally made out of geometrical shapes. This type of logo allows you to create something pretty unique for your business or organization. Think of the Nike or Sprint logo for this one. You’d be surprised how much emotion and meaning this kind of logo can bring.



Mascot logos are very illustrative, fun and is usually a character that represents your business. Think of KFC or the Kool-Aid man. This one is great if you want to appeal to families, children or sports. Something to note is that this type of logo can’t be used successfully across all your marketing material. So if you want something that can translate over you might want to consider a combination mark mentioned below.


Combination Mark

I  bet you already know where we are going with the combination mark. Yes, this is when we can bring together several of the type of logo types mentioned above but we bring them together so nicely that it makes sense and we can also take it apart to adapt in many marketing environments. A good example of a combination mark is Taco Bell and Puma.



The emblem logo is one of the most traditional and is really just wording inside of a symbol or icon. It looks like a badge, seal or is surrounded by crests. These are often used by government, schools or organizations and a lot of them have been updated to fit the 21st century as well. A good example of this is Starbucks and Harley Davidson. And i bet your local police station is also a great example. Keep in mind that this is one of the worst types of logos is you plan to print on small collateral such as business cards and if you want to embroider it you want to keep it as simple as possible so that it looks good.

We hope you found this article of value and we hope you left more knowledgeable about logos in general. We will continue to post on this topic over the next few weeks.

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