Why your non-profit brand identity is important

https://youtu.be/Ps-KNuln6LY VIEW GOOGLE SLIDES   As a non-profit brand identity can get a bit confusing but today we are going to help you understand what brand identity is, why your non-profit brand identity is important and finally go over what makes a good...

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Free Blog Editorial Calendar

Get your free blog editorial calendar to improve your content marketing today.     One of the most important successful habits you can have for your business or non-profit is to plan and schedule your content marketing. Download your free blog editorial...

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Free CrossFit Website Checklist

The CrossFit Website Checklist that will improve your gyms website. Hey CrossFit Owner or any type of fitness gym! We got an awesome resource available for this month of June. Get your FREE CrossFit Website Checklist to see if you really are kicking as online. Or is...

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SEO Penalty: Mobile Pop-Ups Suck and Google is doing something about it for 2017

Google has a new penalty in the block. You ready for SEO in 2017? Well if your pop-ups are intrusive to visitors when they visit your mobile website, prepare to get penalized baby. This was discussed last year in 2016 but became active on January 10, 2017 and it’s something to really take seriously if you have a mobile website. Remember that Google cares a lot about how you treat there google search engine visitors so don’t f*ck that up!

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