7 Things you might be doing wrong with Social Media

Aug 20, 2016 | Non-Profit, Small Business

Social media is great for any startup or organization. It allows you to connect with your people and for your people to connect with you. But even with all the social media marketing lessons going around we have seen some “no-no’s” so here are 7 things you might be doing wrong with social media.


#1 Acting like a greedy robot and not being interesting

Getting a little personal could, in turn, create a sense of trust and could create some interest. Show your people what you are up to and show them you are a real human being. Show them that you aren’t just trying to sell them something like everyone else online, it will make them happy! Just don’t overdo it either! Create a balance between professionalism and your personal stuff and make sure anything personal is about your brand or business. People are always looking for something interesting or a solution. Remember that.

#2 Not answering negative reviews

We have seen it time and time again: Really bad reviews that have no answers.  Answer negative reviews that you can with kindness and understanding. Ask yourself, how can I improve whatever they are negatively reviewing? Or what can I do better? Do not respond with a negative attitude. In reality, you are trying to find a solution for that person or to apologize entirely. Sometimes you will get negative reviews from people who genuinely want to cause trouble, reply kindly and see what they say. If they respond with no change in their attitude then mark it off as it’s not worth pursuing and move on. When others come around to read your reviews at least they see that you tried and that’s what really matters here. The perception of the negative review will clear up and be better to others if you respond in a timely and kind matter.

#3 Creating an Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Pinterest, Youtube, and the list goes on FOR YOUR STARTUP.

Okay so here’s the deal with this subject. You really don’t need to have every single social media outlet available. First off, running that many social media profiles will sink you, it truly is very time-consuming and tiring to manage them all. Second, your market won’t be on all of them. Focus on targeting your people through the right mediums instead. Third, having so many profiles and not having any activity will turn people off. It’s like you are dead online.

#4 Thinking Social Media is super easy

Let me start off by saying social media IS NOT as easy as it looks. Most of the successful brands, startups and local businesses have worked really hard to get where they are. They have learned from mistakes, have fallen on their ass and got back up. It’s really like everything else in life. Success does not happen overnight BUT the great news is that if you start today or have already started you are on your way to get more shares, likes and so on. We all want interactivity with our posts! What you can start to do is try out different posts, see what works and what doesn’t. Which posts get the most attention? Then post more of that until you find something even better. Also, start a social media campaign and stay consistent. Plan it out, research and analyze it.

#5 I know everything there is about Social Media

The truth is that no one really knows all there is about whatever subject and with social media it really is constantly changing. Nothing stays the same; everything is always upgrading or just disappearing (for example LIKE myspace).  Instead of having a know it all mentally, keep an open brain and keep learning. There are so many resources you can check out online to keep up to date with everything that is going on with Social Media and honestly if you are reading this right now you obviously already know this.

#6 Posting every so often

I get it you don’t want to post so often because you don’t want to drive your people away BUT you also don’t want to lose them. Posting every so often could eventually put you at the bottom of the list.  You need to find a perfect balance of posting each day and week. Again a perfect solution for this is starting an awesome social media campaign that will allow you to keep in touch with your audience. Here is a great article by our friends over at buffer on how often you should post.

#7 Hashtags

We are going to confess something right now, we want to marry hashtags. Seriously, hashtags rock and we love using it for our headquarters but here is our advice. The first thing is you don’t want to use the popular ones, you won’t get noticed by it because of the million same tags going around, you’ll end up at the bottom view real quick. The second thing, please don’t use unrelated tags, people truly don’t appreciate it and they might end up haunting you in your sleep. Third, don’t overdo the darn hashtags, like everything else have a balance. It’s unprofessional, immature, and unappealing. Lastly, #dontfreakingcreatereallyunberablelonghashtagslikethis. Do you see what we mean? Instead use 1-3 keywords. Those are the best.

As always we really hope you enjoyed this article and we will continue to bring out more thoughtful ones as time goes on. What are some social media NO NOS that you have come across? Leave a comment below.


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